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Sunday, June 29, 2014

These are a Few of My Favorite Things/ June 2014

Hi guys, hope you're having a relaxing Sunday! So as I'm sure you've noticed by now I am not doing an ootd post like I usually do on Sundays and instead doing this post. I was going to do an ootd post but then I noticed I never did a TAAFOMFT (too lazy to write it out, so acronym)post for June so I figured I'd do this instead. If you guys don't mind I think I might start doing this post every last Sunday of the month instead of an outfit post, that way I can fit in for the month! Let me know your thoughts!

Alright let's to get my June favorites!

Source: Bones Styling

This lovely lady right here is  Fleur De Luna. She posts the most beautiful and magical photos on Instagram  and she's also an amazing singer! Follow her and you'll never look at baths the same way, you'll see what I mean. Her Instagram account name is  @fleurdelunaa

July Pre-Order Mermaids Have More Fun muscle tee - Wilde At Heart
Source: Etsy

This fun shirt is made by a company I just recently discovered called Wilde At Heart. They make all kinds of  cute  disney princess inspired shirts such as the one above! I've already got a mini wishlist starting to form!

Source: Wikipedia

Spotify finally released this one a few days and I couldn't be more excited to give it a listen! I've been anticipating this album for so looong. Also how gorgeous is Foxes? So jealous!
Source: Lime Crime

I've yet to try any Lime Crime products but these Velvetines look like a lovely start!

Mac is just out doing themselves with their collabs these days! This Kelly Osbourne collection looks absolutely amazing! I've really got my eye on the dodgy girl lipstick! Anyone else?

Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting
Source: Pinterest
How lovely are these lavender and honey cupcakes? I bet they don't taste too bad either. Another recipe to add to my never-ending Pinterest recipes list!
Petit Four the Best Dress. Wonderfully whimsical in this floral dress, you host one of the most delightful tea parties your friends have ever attended!  #modcloth
Source: Pinterest
This dress is just perfection. Bravo ModCloth.You can buy it here.
Source: JuJu
I've just barely discovered that jelly shoes are a thing, well for adults that is, and I'm in love. These particular ones are my favorite. So pretty!
Catbird :: shop by category :: JEWELRY :: Rings :: Neptune's Daughter, Pink Topaz, Rose Gold
Source: Catbird

I love that this ring is inspired and named after Ursula's faithful helpers Flotsom and Jetsem! Did I mention it's gorgeousss?

Textured summer braid by Katie from A Beautiful Mess. A nice change to the plain old braid and perfect for Summer! Can't wait to try this out for myself!

What did you guys think of this month's favorite things list? What were some of your favorite things in June? Leave me a comment, I love reading them! As always thanks for reading!


  1. Love the idea of this post. I'm all for it! Those lavender and honey cupcakes sound good, and I've been wanting to try out Lime Crime's Velvitines too.

    1. Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it! Oh my goodness I know, I am seriously considering making those cupcakes soon!

  2. A few things: first, awesome post, as usual. I can see why these are some of your favorite things!
    I don't have an Instagram, but that girl's pictures makes me wish I did (and also that I could dye my hair pink).
    I, too, love the dress and the sandals, but especially the sandals, probably because they're sparkly :).
    I hope you have an awesome week!
    xx Tessie

  3. Thanks Tessia! You should make an Instagram, her account is amazing! Have a great week as well!