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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Life can be rather tough. Politics,the economy, college,friends,family,careers, expectations. With issues such as the previously mentioned and countless others sometimes all we need is a little escape.

Which is why I created this blog. I figured I'd give the world a little bit of sunshine in an otherwise stressful situation.

Oh,so stressful.

A little humble blog created to help solve some of our own issues at home and in our own lives.Important issues at home like what am I going to wear tonight,what are some good albums coming out,how do I find cute stuff when thrifting, does my makeup look pin up-girl enough, how do I make vegan mandarin chicken (it's delicious) and does this butt pad make my butt look too big? All completely relevant and valid questions, except for the last one;who put that in here anyways? The blog is those of us who are appreciate the cuter things in life and aren't afraid to admit it. I hope to start posting about things like fashion, beauty, music, and other stuff. It's gonna be fun guys. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for reading. Love ya guys.

Yours Truly,