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Monday, July 29, 2013

Wet N' Wild Wild Shine Nail Polish Review!

Recently my mother went out to CVS to buy a few things and she came across all these pretty polishes. They were on sale for only $0.69 a bottle! That's crazy right? So she bought several of them for me.The brand is Wet N' Wild and they are part of their "Wild Shine" line of nail polishes. Now Wet N' Wild isn't exactly my favorite cosmetic brand, but I'd say these polishes do a pretty fair job. They go on very smoothly and the metallic colors are fantastic! 

My nails after using the purplish "Eggplant Frost" shade. Please excuse the fact that I paint my nails like a four year old.

I decided to paint my nails with the metallic purple looking polish and besides the fact that I obviously don't know how to paint nails, I think they turned out really nicely! I'm going to keep this review short and sweet and leave you guys with a little pros & cons list. Thanks for reading!

Goes on smoothly
Pretty selection of colors
Great price
Doesn't chip too easily ( if you use a good top coat )

Takes a very long time to dry
Chips easily ( if you don't use a top coat or use a cheaper one)
Not a good selection of pastel colors available ( I wanted mint!)

My Final Thoughts! :
I would definitely purchase again as well as recommend to others.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Belle (Dream Outift of the Week) + an explanation

Before I talk about this week's adorable outfit that I wish I had, I'd like to give you an explanation as to why I've been lacking on posting. Last week the new semester started. That basically sums it up right there, but I'll explain a little further, after all I owe you a better explanation than that. This semester I decided to do all my classes online. That's right guys, that means I'm on the computer all daaaaayyyy. When I finally get through with all my homework and other horrific assignments, as you can imagine I'm a bit tired of staring at the computer screen. The thought of being on the computer, any longer, even if it's for something I love, like my beloved blog, is not a thought that I 'd like to take up. To make matters worse I'm taking three accounting oriented classes this quarters and dealing with the summer heat at the same time. Hello migraines. So there you have it guys, I feel really awful for not posting nearly as much as I should but it something I have to deal with right now. I'll try whenever I get a chance, but I can't make any promises. Lurkers this is for you, the ones who might read my blog but don't follow or you people who are reading this right because you just happened to stumble upon it.Because let's face it, I only have one follower, so not a lot of people even care about what I'm saying right now.


As far as this week's dream outfit goes.  I was completely inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I would say Belle's style is definitely more classic than anything. She exudes kindness and intelligence with everything she wears. I felt that if Belle were real and alive in present time this is an outfit that she might wear. It's also something, I'd totally wear! One of my favorite pieces from this outfit is the skirt. It's a midi skirt,which is something I don't have and something that I've been really swooning over lately.  Also after finding out where The Dainty Squid and Elycia buy some of their adorable glasses, I've really wanted a pair of glasses from Bonlook. I want to know,what's something you guy's been swooning over lately? anything? Let me know what you thought about this post and if you liked this weeks outfit in the comments below.
Yours truly,
Belle (Dream Outift of the Week) + an explanation

♡ Featured in this Week's Dream Outfit: ♡

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Black Cat and A Heart of Gold (Dream Outfit of the Week!)

I'm missing fall and winter so much right now. I know you guys probably think I'm weird considering everyone loves Summer soooo much and despises the colder months.Take this into consideration though: I live in central California where we have had nearly three weeks straight of 100 degree and up weather.Central California is the place no one wants to visit when they take a trip to California. I'm pretty sure most of you guys are familiar with Southern California and what it's like, it's wonderful. Not all of California is so pretty though.Honestly I'm scared to even step out of my nice little air conditioned house most of the time because  I just can't take the heat (no pun intended). Which leaves me feeling so nostalgic for a little sweater weather right now. Therefore I made this outfit with colder weather in mind. With black being the primary color and a complete lack of pastels, florals, or anything bright ( don't get me wrong though I LOVE pastels and florals!) this outfit is like a vacation away the blistering heat. Well the closest I can get at least. Even though it isn't the embodiment of Summer, I still think it can pass for a cute outfit to wear on a night out in July which is why I decided to go ahead and post it. Enjoy and leave a comment letting me know what you think!
Yours Truly,

Black Cat and A Heart of Gold

♡ Featured in this Week's Dream Outfit: ♡

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An adorable Summer! (Dream Outfit of the Week!)

So basically every week I am going to create an outfit that I'd love to own, I'm gonna call these posts "Dream Outfit of the Week". I call this one " Adorable Summer". I just think everything in this week's outfit is so precious, I can't even pick a favorite! Everything featured here is from ModCloth, Ruche, and Asos. I want to hear your thoughts guys, what do you think about this week's outfit? Leave a comment below letting me know!
Yours Truly,

An adorable Summer

♡ Featured in this Week's Dream Outfit: ♡

Monday, July 8, 2013

Modcloth Sale!

Hey guys, hope you're having a lovely day. I was super excited to make this post because I finally get to tell you guys about one of my favorite stores of all time, ModCloth! If you've never heard of ModCloth before then your in for a treat! If you have heard of or shopped from ModCloth before then you know exactly what I am talking about. ModCloth is an online only store that sells clothes (plus size too!), shoes,accessories, home decor etc. Nearly everything they sell has a vintage or retro feel to it. So you're sure to find something you'll love, no matter what decade is your favorite. With things like "Be the Buyer" where shoppers get to vote on sample clothing that they would like to buy and their virtual "thrift store" full of one of a kind vintage pieces ModCloth is surely a unique shopping experience. If you end up following my blog you are sure to see MANY pieces from ModCloth in my fashion and clothing posts in the future! For this post I decided to only list clothing and accessories that are currently on sale at ModCloth. Why you ask? I'm a huge cheapo and I'm always on the hunt for a good deal and I love a good sale. And I want you guys to get a good deal too! I hope you like the things I picked out and enjoyed reading my ramblings.
Yours Truly,

Modcloth Sale!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

♡ Strawberry Cuteness! ♡ ≧◡≦

Hey everyone I hope your having a wonderful Saturday. In case you couldn't guess from the title, this post is all about Strawberries. Not the kind you eat though. I'm talking about strawberry shaped accessories!  So I own this little adorably whimsical strawberry necklace covered in little red, green and white rhinestones. I'd show pictures but my camera's sort of on the fritz. It was actually my mom's at first, but then I was like "hey mom that's cute, can I borrow it?" and long story short it's mine now. It's super adorable and I love it which is why I was so devastated when I found out that a few of the rhinestones fell out. I fell into a deep depression, I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning, or go outside. All I wanted to do was eat Ben & Jerry's and watch the jewelry shopping channels hoping I'd find something worthy of replacing my magical little strawberry. Okay so I didn't fall into a deep depression or eat Ben & Jerry's all day while watching jewelry shopping channels. Although today I decided to look for another necklace the old fashioned way, the internet. I looked around and found lots of little strawberry necklaces but none of them were as magical and perfect as mine. Then while I was browsing through Google images I came across a picture of a few little rings with fruits on them. They were so cute, I just had to go to the website to see what else they had. To my surprise the website was basically a webstore that sells dreadlocks and extensions. Weird right? I looked around though because they actually did sell a few pretty cute things. Then I found the most adorable little cardigan I've seen in my entire life. I'm telling you guys, if Strawberry Shortcake came to life, this is the sweater she'd be wearing.Here it is! PS: I know the picture looks a little weird, just click it and it will look perfect, I pinky promise!

 This cardigan is so cute, it's really the only reason I made this post. Alas, with luck not being on my side like usual, the cardigan is two sizes too small. Kind of like the Grinch's heart. However unlike the Grinch I felt like spreading the love, and telling you guys about the sweater just in case any lucky girl (or guy?) feels the same way as I do and actually fits into it. The link is under the picture if you want to visit the site for yourself to check it out.Once you click the link just keep scrolling down until you see the sweater. Also If you do end up buying it (I'm jealous!) let me know in the comments so I can celebrate the strawberry cuteness with you! As always thanks for reading. Love ya guys.
Yours Truly,
                   Bianca. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Friday, July 5, 2013


Good morning all you early risers,
I just thought I'd let you all know how I feel about insomnia. It sucks. I can't sleep so I'm up watching Gossip Girl on Netflix.I'm about 6 years late to that party,I know, but it's kind of a guilty pleasure now and I think I may just be in over my head. If only we could all live in the Upper East Side, have an unlimited amount of money in our bank account and our own personal stalker documenting our every move on their blog. Forget the last part, but I'll gladly take the rest. I'm only on season 2, so nobody better give any spoilers. Or else. I'm not good at threats, so just don't go there please. Anyways I thought I take this time to ask you wonderful guys and gals to give me some suggestions on what you'd like me to start posting about. I'm opened minded and up for nifty ideas. Please make sure your ideas are nifty. That is the only the I ask of you. At the moment I'm a little preoccupied with school but I promise I'll start posting  more interesting things soon enough, once break starts. I'll have plenty of time on my hands then, I'm sure. If you'd be so kind to leave me suggestions in the comments that'd be nifty.
Gossip Girl
I mean Bianca

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vlogger of the month! July 2013

Vlogger of the Month!
Hey guys welcome to my first official post!Well in my opinion at least (the others were merely introductions,duh).Get excited guys! For my first post I've decided I'm going to tell you guys about a really cool YouTuber/ vlogger that I am currently obsessed with. In facccttt, every single month I will be telling you guys about different vloggers that I absolutely adore. So without further adieu, here is this months vlogger of the month!
Vlogger of the Month:

Shannon Coffey

creator of

Let me start by saying this girl is absolutely hilarious and I don't want you to just read this post and be like mehh whatevs (also if you literally say mehh whatevs don't talk to me, ever). Like ever. I want you to experience the amazingness for yourself. You can thank me later, after your done watching Coffey Chat, obviously. With topics like fashion, music, tv, coffee, coffee, oh and coffee, there's alot to love. Shannon's slightly offbeat humor,love of coffee, and gnome co-star make every video sure to make you forget even your of worst days.
And just in case you were wondering where is this girl from??? You probably recognize Shannon from the uber popular and hilarious YouTube Channel MyDamnChannel. Yeah guys, that's how good she is. Also before I forget to tell you guys, Shannon recently created a second channel randomassgirlyshan where she basically talks about random ass girly stuff, so subscribe! I don't know what else I can say to convince you guys that she's the real deal, you know? I guess this means the only thing left for you to do is subscribe!Here's her latest vid to get ya started!

   Alright guys time for me to get some much needed sleep, thanks for reading. Love ya.
Yours Truly,