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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Weekly Jams / June 6

Hi everyone I hope you are having a wonderful Friday so far! So today is my cousins birthday. If you guys read my last post you'll know my little sister's birthday just passed as well. Oh my goodness soooo many June babies! Anyways that means this weekend I will most likely be jamming out to "Let it Go" and many other songs from the Frozen soundtrack! For those of you not celebrating your weekend at a child's birthday party here are some jams to check out for your perfect weekend!

Pharrell Williams - Happy. I don't think I need to explain too much here. This song is insanely popular so I'm sure you all already know how infectiously upbeat and, well for lack of a better word, how happy it is!

The Violent Femmes - Blister in the sun.  Hard to believe I barely heard this song about a year ago even though this song is pretty much a punk classic. I heard it on some John Cusack movie.  If you've never heard it before I highly suggest you do. Thanks John Cusack.

Paramore - Ain't it Fun. Oh look guys another insanely popular song! I've loved Paramore since their All We Know is Falling days so of course I fell in love and went out and purchased their self titled album right away. It's definitely a much more mature sound then their previous work but nevertheless it's amazing. I especially love all the little interlude songs. Just Hayley and a ukulele, what could be better?

Grouplove - Ways to Go. Everything Grouplove does is flawless. They don't abide by the rules and their music is unlike anyone else's out there right now. Their latest album Spreading Rumours most definitely lives up to their previous works.

The Naked and Famous - Hearts like Ours. If I'm being completely honest here I was hoping for something more like Passive Me, Aggressive You when In Rolling Waves came out however there was a bit of a sound change here. It's not bad, definitely. It's just not as great as their previous album. However I do think Hearts like Ours is a standout on their latest album. I highly suggest checking them out if you've never heard of them!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. I actually wrote the first half of it much earlier in the day hoping to post it then however my day got a bit hectic. So here I am writing 15 past midnight ( that might explain if those whole bit makes zero sense). Better late then never right? Oh and by the way in case you are wondering I will most likely be going solo on the weekly Jams posts and ootd posts from now on. I guess Dora just couldn't handle the blogger lifestyle!  Well so long for now, I'm off to get some much needed rest. Goodnight lovelies!

What have you been jamming too lately? Like any of these songs? Let me know if you listen to any based on my recommendations! As always thanks for reading!!!


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