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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Girl can't keep a schedule.

Hi guys. So I don't even know if anyone's really noticed or not but lately I've been trying to incorporate a little more structure in the blog. It started with manicure Mondays, then weekly jams every Friday and ootd posts on Sundays. For about two weeks it was going all goodd but every procrastinator has their day. This week's been mine. So what this means is no manicure monday this week, and also a really late and lazy ootd type post. I meant to do it proper and do a whole little photo shoot for the ootd post but never got around to it.Not to make any excuses for myself but it was also soooo hot outside, we didn't even want to leave our air conditioned house, except for to have a water balloon fight! So here's a couple of typical selfie, in front of the mirror, type ootd photos. Enjoy (or not).

Excuse the dirty mirror and my sister's messy room. Oh and my little sister in the background totally photo-bombing me!
Bianca's ootd:
Shirt: Target
Shorts: Old Navy
Flats: Payless
Earrings: Wet Seal
My hurr

Dora's ootd:
Shirt: Cotton On
Jeans: ModCloth
Shoes: Target
So once again sorry guys for the super lazy post. I know it totally doesn't make up for the lack of actual posts! Gonna try to get back on my blogging game for next week, so don't stop reading forever just yet! Oh and stay tuned for what's coming this month! Reviews, recipes, manicures and more! I can tell June's going to be a good month!

I mean it more than ever thanks for reading!


  1. I know how it feels when you want structure! And all bloggers, I think, have those days when they just don't feel like posting. But anyway, this is your blog! Posting often is something that a lot of people have a problem with, because then they get stressed out and worried, but then that kind of takes the fun out of blogging.
    Both outfits are great! I hope you have a happy June!

    1. Thanks Tessie, I'm so so glad someone can relate! You're definitely right though, stressing over blog posts does take all the fun out of it! I'm still trying to find a balance between keeping things fun and structured at the same time! I hope you have a happy June as well!