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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fashion Union Wishlist + Find out how you can win £500($800) to spend at Fashion Union!

My Fashion Union Wishlist

You can find all of these items and more here.

Happy first day of Fall guys! So last week I checked my email and to my surprise there was a lovely little email giving me the chance to win a £500 voucher from Fashion Union. The best part is all you have to do to enter is make a wishlist! Easy as pie right? Seeing as how I make wishlists and Dream outfits of the Week all the time, this was a no brainer! Of course, I'd do it! The featured store Fashion Union, is a clothing store based in the U.K. Seeing as how I live in America, I was not familiar with this store beforehand, but the best way I can describe it, is that it is very similar to Forever21. Their clothing and accessories are cute and trendy but don't break the bank which is always a good thing!

I ended up picking six of my favorite pieces for my wishlist! Although it's safe to say I definitely have many more pieces I'm in love with, so it was quite difficult narrowing them down! I tried to create a balance by picking out some more edgier pieces like the studded biker boots, the pu leather skirt, and the motorcycle jacket with some sweeter, girlier pieces like the lovely teal dress and that amazing heart print blouse! What I ended up with is two amazing outfits that I can definitely see myself wearing!

Now here comes the exciting part! Fashion Union wants to give everyone a chance to win, so they are making this competition available to everyone. That means it doesn't matter if you live in the UK or America or anywhere else, you can enter since it is open internationally! Fashion Union will choose their 8 favorite entries and put them on their Facebook page on October 1st. Fashion Union's Facebook fans will then "like" whichever entry they think is best and the entry with the most likes will be the winner! 

If you'd like to enter click here!

 The contest closes on September 30th,2013 at 5pm. So remember to get your entry in on time! The winner will be announced on October 4th,2013 at 1pm. Good luck everyone! I'll see you guys soon with an Autumn Tag post! P.S. I 'm tagging myself because I love Autumn that much!
Your's Truly,

Monday, September 16, 2013

4 simple ways to make something new!

Take a necklace chain and a little bottle of nail art glitter...

Attach the nail art glitter bottle onto the chain and you've got yourself a cute and cheap fairy dust/glitter necklace! If your bottle is like mine and the hole is too tiny to fit the chain through, then cut a slit through the top so that you can easily open up the slit to put the bottle on and off the chain. The slit will be just enough to let you put it on the chain, however it will be too small for it to fall off the chain!

Take a small mint or candy tin can container...

Throw in some bobby pins,hair clips, hair ties, and other hair accessories inside the tin can. Throw the container in your purse and you've got an easy way to take some necessary hair accessories with you when you are on the go, and also recycle your candy/mint containers at the same time!

Take a cute little coffee mug...

Throw some pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, etc. in your cup and it becomes a cute little pen/pencil container. Place it at your desk or wherever you feel it will come most in handy!

Another thing you can do with your cute cups/mugs is use it to store some of your  

Take some of your old Christmas lights...

Hang them on your wall and you've got some cute bedroom lights!  I'm sure you've seem this same kind of thing all over Tumblr many,many times already. However I think using regular old Christmas lights, especially buying them on After Christmas sales is a much better bargain then buying those fairy lights at Urban Outfitters or wherever else.

Hope you enjoyed reading this random little post! Let me know if you guys liked it and leave me some comments, I love reading them! Have a happy Monday everyone and a great week!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Getting your Fall Wardrobe ready!

fall tops

I think that my favorite part of fall clothing is that everything is so cozy and comfortable. Keep that in mind when shopping for tops. Look for light,knit sweaters like the striped one or the one with the bear on it to stay cute and warm during the brisk fall mornings! Also I cannot emphasize how important cardigans are. Personally they are always one of my fall staples. Look for long, boyfriend style cardigans in Autumn shades like burgundy, cinnamon, and marigold. Like the three pictured above. Long sleeved blouses, button up blouses and cute tees with animal graphics are also great. Lastly don't put all your sleeveless summer tops away just yet. Neutral colored and darker colored sleeveless tops can look amazing with a cute cardigan over them or a blazer or even a moto jacket like this one!

Fall Bottoms

As far as bottoms go I feel like there are three main things you should remember: jeans, skirts, and pants. You can't go wrong with a cute midi skirt with tights. This look is really versatile and you can definitely either dress it up or dress it down depending on where you are going. Shorter skirts work too, I'm just partial to midi skirts! Something that I can't wait to buy is a pair of corduroy pants like the one's on the bottom left corner. I think they look absolutely gorgeous, especially in burgundy. Also look for pants in colors like pumpkin and olive like the two in the left top corner. This might be a little out of my comfort zone, but I also feel like plaid pants are cute for fall, they have more of a punk look to them at first sight, but ankle boots, a cardi, and an adorable peter pan collar top can easily take them from punk to autumn preppy.Last but not least make sure you have a few good pairs of jeans to complete your cozy ensembles!

fall dresses
When shopping for dresses for Fall I  tend to gravitate more toward darker colors. A lot of black, navy, plum, and burgundy. Marigold and pumpkin are also gorgeous!  Don't get me wrong though I still love wearing lighter color dresses, I think cream colored dresses look amazing in Autumn! Also look for dresses with cute patterns and cute little details like hearts, stripes, flowers, polka dots etc. Lastly look for dresses made with a thicker fabric for those chillier Autumn days ( they can also transition into winter). I fell in love with the burgundy dress in the bottom left corner! It's made out of velvet! I've never purchased a velvet dress before so that's something I'd love to own!

fall shoes

Boots, Boot, Boots! I feel like the most important pair of shoes you can buy for Fall is a good pair of boots! Look for ankle boots, tall boots, boots with buckles, boots with laces etc. Personally I think owning at least one pair of ankle boots and one pair of taller boots is all you need. They look especially great with a cute dress & a pair of tights! Moccasins are the next most important shoe. In my opinion Minnetonka  has some of the best quality Moccasins! Also every year I love purchasing the slipper moccasins they sell at Target. They're really affordable and super comfortable! Look for some cute flats and oxfords and you're all set!

Fall bags

I love satchels all year round,but I feel like Fall is the season that they most belong to. I look for satchels in neutral colors like black, navy and brown. However I also look for satchels in more traditional fall colors too! Also I like looking for bags with patterns like the satchel on the top left corner. I love the plaid detailing on it, to me it just says Fall. I also love the bag in the lower right corner, I just love the aztec pattern on it! Lastly the whimsy in me couldn't help it, I love that little fox shaped bag! Any accessories or piece of clothing featuring adorable little creatures like foxes and kittens are my weaknesses.

fall accessories

Make sure you have plenty of tights ready when Fall hits, because trust me they will become a staple in your fall wardrobe. Make sure you have them in a variety of colors and patterns like the ones featured above. If your looking for a great deal on tights the ones at forever 21 are really affordable and come in many cute designs and colors. The quality isn't half bad either!I emphasized belts in fall accessories because I really love wearing a skirt/dress and tights combo during Fall. I feel like a cute belt like the orange one with the leaf or the pink one with the bow can become a really cute statement piece to your outfit! Last but definitely not least: beanies and scarves! I know everyone isn't a beanie person, but I love them! I wish it was cold all the time, I'd wear them everyday. Look for knitted beanies and slouch style beanies. When it comes to scarves I love, love, love infinity scarves. They're just fuss free and look great! 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my Fall Wardrobe checklist type thing! Fall is my most favorite time of the year so I was really excited to make this post! If there is something in particular in this post that you liked just click the picture that contains the item and it will take you to the polyvore set I created! Leave me some comments, I love reading them! Happy Sunday guys!
Yours Truly,