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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2013 Beauty Purchases

Hi guys, hope you are having a magnificent Thursday. Okay so I know it probably seems like I say this all the time but I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting very much lately. The next morning, after my last post I woke up with a terrible sore throat which quickly progressed into the flu, it lasted for about a week. Wonderful way to ring in Fall right? On top of that I just finished taking my finals yesterday so I was also busy with studying and turning in late work before the deadline. Now that my schedule is finally relatively clear I thought I'd share with you guys my October beauty purchases. Everything in this post I bought at Target except for the first two items. Hope you enjoy!

I bought this hairbrush at Forever 21. I just thought that the floral print on the back was really adorable and I needed a new brush. There's not much more I can say here besides it does the job. You can find it here.

I also bought this nail polish at Forever21. I'm a sucker for pastel colored polishes and since my lilac colored Essie polish was starting to dry out I thought I'd give this one a try. I've tried Forever 21 polishes before and I liked them so I hope this one works the same. I was also looking for a new mint colored polish, but sadly I didn't find one. You can find it here.

So I am sure that you guys have seen, bought or at least heard of these by now.  Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable balm stain does exactly what it says. It goes on smoothly like a lip balm and leaves a lasting color on your lips like a stain. The color I picked up is "honey" which is a lovely natural pink. Personally on me the color does not show up as much as I'd like it to probably because my lips are too pigmented. However I think if your lips are not very pigmented this a lovely color you can even wear daily for a natural look. And did I mention the smell? It has a minty fresh scent which I personally love! I'd love to purchase this balm stain in a deeper color when I get the chance!

I've been buying liquid eyeliner for so long now when I went shopping for a new eyeliner I felt like it was time for a change. So I went for this creamy pencil style eyeliner. It glides easily on the eyes and does not feel uncomfortable at all like some other pencil or "pencil style" eyeliners. I got it in "midnight master" which is the deepest black this line has. I'm almost positive I will be purchasing this eyeliner again!

I'm almost ashamed to say this but this is only the second make-up brush that I've ever purchased. Other than this brush I only own a foundation brush that I purchased at Sephora when I purchased my MUF foundation.The sales lady convinced me I needed it,but I'm not complaining. Honestly I don't know how I managed to live without it, it was a really great investment. However brushes from Sephora can get quite pricey so when I thought about buying a kabuki brush I thought I'd start with something cheap and then if that doesn't work out I'll probably end up buying one from Sephora as well. I haven't used this brush yet so I can't say much yet. All I can say is it feels really soft and I haven't noticed any fall out so far. I've heard some pretty good things about elf brushes so I hope this one lasts for awhile!

When I picked up my kabuki brush I seen this blush/bronzer duo and remembered a review I had read about it on Alexandra's blog. She said some pretty good things about it, so I figured why not try it out, afterall it was only $3.  I purchased this duo in the color "St. Lucia" which has been called a cheap but decent dupe of NARS "Orgasm" blush and "Laguna" bronzer many times. However since the NARS duo costs around $40, there is definitely a huge price difference. I haven't used it yet but the blush and bronzer both have a slight shimmer and are in lovely colors. I'm really excited to try this one out!

Last but definitely not least, Pacifica's "Indian Coconut Nectar" body butter. Oh my goodness you guys I wish smell-o-vision was a real thing. I just want you guys to know how incredible this stuff smells. To put it in the simplest of terms, it smells like Summer. It has a lovely coconut and vanilla scent that in a way reminds me of the smell of sunblock and the beach and all of that good stuff. This is great because even though my favorite seasons are fall and winter I just love using fruity, floral summer scents all year long. Also not only does this lotion smell incredible it's also very moisturizing, which is what a good lotion should be. It's also 100% vegan and cruelty free and a portion of the proceeds go to people in need of clean water. I would definitely recommend purchasing this lotion and other products from Pacifica, because they all smell so lovely.

Let me know what you guys thought of this post! Have you ever tried any of these products? If so what did you think of them?