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Friday, July 5, 2013


Good morning all you early risers,
I just thought I'd let you all know how I feel about insomnia. It sucks. I can't sleep so I'm up watching Gossip Girl on Netflix.I'm about 6 years late to that party,I know, but it's kind of a guilty pleasure now and I think I may just be in over my head. If only we could all live in the Upper East Side, have an unlimited amount of money in our bank account and our own personal stalker documenting our every move on their blog. Forget the last part, but I'll gladly take the rest. I'm only on season 2, so nobody better give any spoilers. Or else. I'm not good at threats, so just don't go there please. Anyways I thought I take this time to ask you wonderful guys and gals to give me some suggestions on what you'd like me to start posting about. I'm opened minded and up for nifty ideas. Please make sure your ideas are nifty. That is the only the I ask of you. At the moment I'm a little preoccupied with school but I promise I'll start posting  more interesting things soon enough, once break starts. I'll have plenty of time on my hands then, I'm sure. If you'd be so kind to leave me suggestions in the comments that'd be nifty.
Gossip Girl
I mean Bianca

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