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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Belle (Dream Outift of the Week) + an explanation

Before I talk about this week's adorable outfit that I wish I had, I'd like to give you an explanation as to why I've been lacking on posting. Last week the new semester started. That basically sums it up right there, but I'll explain a little further, after all I owe you a better explanation than that. This semester I decided to do all my classes online. That's right guys, that means I'm on the computer all daaaaayyyy. When I finally get through with all my homework and other horrific assignments, as you can imagine I'm a bit tired of staring at the computer screen. The thought of being on the computer, any longer, even if it's for something I love, like my beloved blog, is not a thought that I 'd like to take up. To make matters worse I'm taking three accounting oriented classes this quarters and dealing with the summer heat at the same time. Hello migraines. So there you have it guys, I feel really awful for not posting nearly as much as I should but it something I have to deal with right now. I'll try whenever I get a chance, but I can't make any promises. Lurkers this is for you, the ones who might read my blog but don't follow or you people who are reading this right because you just happened to stumble upon it.Because let's face it, I only have one follower, so not a lot of people even care about what I'm saying right now.


As far as this week's dream outfit goes.  I was completely inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I would say Belle's style is definitely more classic than anything. She exudes kindness and intelligence with everything she wears. I felt that if Belle were real and alive in present time this is an outfit that she might wear. It's also something, I'd totally wear! One of my favorite pieces from this outfit is the skirt. It's a midi skirt,which is something I don't have and something that I've been really swooning over lately.  Also after finding out where The Dainty Squid and Elycia buy some of their adorable glasses, I've really wanted a pair of glasses from Bonlook. I want to know,what's something you guy's been swooning over lately? anything? Let me know what you thought about this post and if you liked this weeks outfit in the comments below.
Yours truly,
Belle (Dream Outift of the Week) + an explanation

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