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Monday, May 12, 2014

Welcome to Manicure Mondays! - "The Slightly Tough Ballerina"

Hello to all my faithful readers ,that is the ones that stuck around during my indefinite hiatus. I know it's been awhile and I'm sure that you've all noticed by now that nearly all my posts have been destroyed. Yeah that was kinda my fault. So one day I decided it would be a good idea to delete all of my blog  pictures on my Google+ account. I was in a spring cleaning kind of mood (anyone else ever get like that?). Little did I know it would delete all the pictures on all of my blog posts. Silly me. And since I didn't prepare any backups that's it, they're gone for good. So I am really sorry about that guys, all I can offer up as an reconciliation is that I'm trying to get back on my blogging game and that many quality posts are coming in the near future. No promises this time though.

 P.S.  I'd like to wish a late happy mother's day to all my wonderful mommy readers out there!

To Kick things off I'd like to start with an entirely new idea. Manicure Monday! It's something that me and my sister Dora both collaborated on and I am very excited about. I've been wanting a little more structure in my posts so I think that this is a good start! It's an idea that I've had in mind for awhile but although I can do a fairly decent manicure I always seem to make a few mistakes here and there and I don't usually feel confident enough with my work to create a post about it. On the other hand my sister was blessed with the amazing manicure skills that I lack. So together we are going to start doing a weekly post showcasing my sister's weekly manicure and how you can get the same look at home.

For this manicure my sister decided to use one of the most palest,and sheerest shades of pink she could find. First she applied artificial nails onto her real nails using the kit listed below. She then shaped them into a slight point. Next she applied two coats of the pale pink to give it more of an opaque look and let it dry. Note: If you decide to use this color on your natural nails instead you may need more than two coats as it will still be very sheer on your natural nails. She then decorated her ring fingers with gold studs using nail glue and studs included in the kit below. As you can see she only decorated the lower left half of her nail with the studs but the great thing about this look as that you can design them however you'd like to! 

Supplies Used:

As always thanks for reading! Leave me some comments letting me know what you thought of this manicure! 

1 comment:

  1. LOVE these nails!! :) Gorgeous!!!!