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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pretty in Pastels - May Fashion Wishlist

Hi everyone hope you are having a tremendous Thursday! I'd like to welcome you to the first Monthly Fashion Wishlist.This is where I talk about and display all the clothes and accessories I've been swooning over for the past month. I'm sure you guys will fall in love with these things as much as I did! However I am not sure yet if this monthly post is going to be replacing my dream outfit of the week posts entirely or if it is just going to be an addition. Let me know what you guys would think I should do!

Pretty in Pastels

SmittenStatement Pullover 

This month's list is a bit of a special one, not only because everything is in dreamy pastel colors. Oh, pastels how I love thee! But also because every single item in this wishlist is from MPR. I don't know about you guys but I absolutely love that feeling when I discover a brand new clothing store and everything is so cute and amazing and I'm just like ahhh where have you been all of my life? You know what I mean? I enjoyed a similar experience when I discovered this store. So incase you've never heard of MPR, it'san online clothing and accessories store based in South Africa. I love it because of the diversity of all their products. There's a little something for everyone there, you just got to look around. Also I'm certainly a bargain hunter and MPR fits my fancy. They've got ultra cute clothing at an affordable price. So,yeah I'm happy. 

It's Spring so pastels are in full bloom so I went all out and picked out every pale shaded garment and accessory I could find. I'm pretty happy with how my wishlist turned out and still considering if I should use this wishlist as perhaps a May shopping list instead?

Well I hope you guys fell in love with everything in the wishlist too! You should definitely go check out MRP for more pastel princess worthy clothing and much more. Also if you really, really liked some of the things I featured in this wishlist you should enter MRP's contest to win a fashion voucher worth $250! Click here to enter or just click the banner below!

Let me know what you guys thought of this wishlist in a comment below! As always thanks for reading!


  1. I just absolutely love pastels too! They are perfect for spring. I love the clothes you included above. That polka dot skirt is PERFECTION! :)


  2. I am currently loving pastels too! I love that kitty shirt!

    Silver Linings

  3. Since most of my favorite colors are pastels, I definitely love this list! I personally love the shorts best.
    I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you have any questions or don't want to receive it, go head and contact me.
    xx Tessie

    1. That's so nice of you! I've done a Liebster post before, but who says I can't do just one more? Of course I'll accept it! Thank you so much!