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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Feels like Summer

Hey everyone hope it's been a good Sunday for you all! It's most definitely been a good day for me. One thing I can't get over though is this heat! I live in Central California quite possibly the hottest place to live in California. Or maybe even the world? It's like once spring begins here it's the start of Summer instead. So basically we have about three extra months of Summer give or take a few weeks. For an autumn/winter girl like me it's a nightmare. The cute Summer/Spring dresses are my saving grace though. Oh and AC. You can count on me being in air conditioned places all Summer. This all brings me to today's ootd, for today's ootd post, we tried our hardest to pretend we were having  the most splendid time instead of clinging on to life in the sweltering heat ( I might be a little over dramatic). Well you know what they say no pain, no gain.

Dress: Target
Bracelet: gift
Shoes: Target

Dora's OOTD:
Romper: Target
Belt; Target
Sandals: Payless
Ring:  Rummage Sale

So I felt like being girly today and decided to wear a dress. And not just any dress. It's pink, striped, floral, and lacy. It's definitely my favorite dress of the moment just because it's so feminine and pretty!  Oh, and just in case you haven't noticed yet, I'm all about comfortable shoes ( you'll rarely see me in any kind of heels!) So I paired the dress with a pair of taupe and pink colored oxfords. My sister followed my lead as usual (I hope she doesn't read this part) and went with a striped and floral outfit as well. A nice romper that I feel would be a perfect vacation getaway outfit to Hawaii or some other lovely place. She finished off her outfit with the most adorable little err... actually quite big octopus ring, further making it feel like a tropical vacay outfit! 

P.S. I think we're getting better at the whole model thing, just check out that fierce pose my sister's doing in the second photo!

What do you think of today's outfits! Have you done a recent ootd post? If so leave me a comment letting me know! Have a great Memorial Day and thanks for reading!


  1. Ugh, I know how you feel about the heat! It's agonizing.
    Both your outfits are adorable! I can sympathize with you about heels vs comfortable shoes. And though I'm not that into big rings, I love your sister's octopus! I can definitely see the tropical themes you mentioned in either outfit.
    Have a great holiday and week!
    xx Tessie

    1. I'm glad someone can sympathize with me about the heat and the shoes haha. Thanks so so much for reading Tessie glad you liked our outfits!