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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Once upon a Time...

Hi everyone. Hope it's been a nice and relaxing Sunday for you all so far. Today I thought I'd share with you all the infamous OOTD post! I have to admit I was really considering talking myself out of this as I am pretty darn self conscious at this point in my life (something I am working on) and don't really enjoy taking photos of myself. Plus who knew pretending to be a model would be so hard? In the end though I decided it would be best if I push myself out of my comfort zone,and just do it. I mean after all this is a blog that largely focuses on fashion. What kind of lifestyle/fashion/beauty/anything blogger would I be if I never showed you some of my own personal outfits? Oh, and my sister Dora was also kind enough to join me! Okay, no more stalling. Enjoy!

My Sister Dora's Outfit
Dress: Target
Belt: Target
Shoes: Wet Seal

My Outfit
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shirt: Bloom
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Toms

For this OOTD post we couldn't have been more opposite. I definitely went for the spring casual look while me sister went for a more dressed up spring look (but it can be easily dressed down as well, if we changed the shoes!) My sister topped off her look with some adorable wedges that she bought at wet seal! I think they really tie the outfit together! I choose to wear some light pastels (shocking, I know!) as well as my most beloved pair of Toms. I believe they came out in last year's spring collection. Oh ,and if this whole blogging thing doesn't  end up working out  I think we totally got the modeling thing down, haha!

What do you guys think of today's outfits? Thanks so so much for reading!

1 comment:

  1. I love those colorful shoes! It looks so good on you!

    Great outfit!