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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy 18th birthday Dora, love Bianca.

Hi everyone and happy birthday lil sis! To celebrate Dora's big day, and I mean BIG, (it's her 18th), I thought I'd go through the first 18 years of Dora's existence in a nice little photo collage. Back in the day this was the kind of thing you'd do in a scrapbook or a journal, crazy to think of the changes technology's made, huh? Speaking of change, ahem, it seems like just yesterday Dora and I were sitting in our pj's, watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon like mindless little zombies! Let me just tell you,she could watch Spongebob all day if our parents would have let her! We were such lazy kids haha.I couldn't be more happy with where the years have taken us though. I mean sure we've had our fair share of fights, okay maybe more than fair, but we always shake it off. All in all I'm so happy to have been blessed with her as a sister, and I'm so proud of what she's accomplished so far, and the big things I know she's yet to conquer. May you have many more awesome years to come, love Bianca.

 My sister and I painting a whole bunch of Easter eggs!

 Dora and Justin Bieber sitting on a bench in front of our house haha!

Dora looking ultra cool in her Powerpuff Girls tee shirt!

 Dora and a random cat!

 Dora wearing a sombrero!

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Dora a little better through these pictures and appreciate the fact that she let me post that last one haha! Once again happy birthday lil sis!!!

As always thanks for reading! Have a great week!


  1. I hope your sister has a very happy birthday! Those pictures are just too cute!
    xx Tessie

  2. awesome post:) hope your sissy has a happy happy birthday!