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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Beauty Purchases! August 2013

Hey everyone hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday! So if you are reading this, I welcome you to my very first beauty haul (I think?)! Bear in mind that I am new to this, and I wasn't very sure if this qualified as a beauty haul or not so instead I just named it Beauty Purchases. You know what they say, better safe then sorry! Just imagine, I'd have all the YouTube beauty gurus/ beauty bloggers after my head if I got that term wrong!  Anyways enjoy.. um well whatever this thing is!
Yours Truly

  • So these first two products I purchased at TJ Maxx. I love looking in the beauty/skincare section of TJ Maxx because you always find such unique and great quality items, for way cheaper than retail. I had been looking for a new body scrub after I ran out of my previous one, so I was really excited to find the two in the first picture. They are safe for all skin types and are not tested on animals. These are very different from my last scrub mainly because they are much less grainy and less thick. This is a very light scrub, with small grains, much different from sugar scrubs. They are both vegetable based scrubs with loofah fibers and made with natural ingredients like ylang-ylang, cactus flower, aloe vera, jasmine etc. So far I've tried the peach & passion one. It has a wonderful smell to it (as does oatmeal & honey), and leaves my skin feeling really soft. My only complaint would be that I wish it was a little thicker and grainier. 
  • I haven't opened the makeup remover wipes yet but I just had to pick them up because I saw that they contain organic tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is really great for people with oily/ acne prone skin, both of which I have so I had to try these out. I also love that these wipes have no synthetic preservatives, are paraben free, alcohol free, hypo-allergenic, ph balanced and are not tested on animals.

  • The rest of these products I purchased at CVS. I needed a new concealer  so I picked up Revlon's Colorstay concealer in medium. I haven't tried it on yet, but  I did open it up to see the consistency of it. It is a liquid concealer and seems much lighter than my last one. Also I really love the little applicator wand that comes with it. I'm not sure about the coverage yet since I haven't worn it yet so I can't really give a decent review!  If anyone's ever tried it before, let me know how it's worked out for you!
  • Next up is this really pretty greenish color nail polish with a slight shimmer.  I've already painted my nails with this one and I love it. The polish goes on very smoothly and takes just a few coats to get a very pretty color. I would recommend three coats at least!
  • For awhile now I had been using the Murad skin perfecting lotion as my daily moisturizer. I really liked that it's oil free, however even though it's oil free, I would still feel my skin get a little oily whenever I used it. & for $35 a bottle, I felt like I shouldn't have any complaints. So I switched to this moisturizer. I like that this one is also oil free and contains salicylic acid. It's a very light moisturizer, and leaves your skin feeling really soft, not oily at all.
  • I don't use hairspray all that much but when I do I look for something with a strong hold, but something that won't leave my hair feeling all sticky. This hairspray does the trick and it smells nicer than most hairsprays too!
  • Lastly, good ol' Chapstick! I'm pretty sure everyone has bought a Chapstick lip balm at some point in their life. I used to use them a lot when I was younger but stopped when I found out about Burt's Bees.  This is my first time purchasing Chapstick in literally years, I just picked them up on a whim. I seen them at checkout for $1 each so I impulsed buy. But I'm glad I did. I've been using the strawberry one ever since I picked it up, and all I can say is that I'm pleasantly surprised  It's been doing the job at keeping my lips unchapped (is that a word?) and I'm sure I'll be purchasing them more often again!


  1. Love reading beauty purchases posts like this! I will be interested to try the body scrub and that nail polish is SO cute!!! Also I LOVE the strawberry so so awesome and a staple in my makeup bag!


    1. Aww thanks for the nice comment Ashley and thank you so so much for following! I love the body scrub, it works wonders! & I couldn't agree more, Chapstick should be a staple in every girls makeup bag!

  2. I really love this post! & the body scrubs look so, so good. Also, I never knew that Dove make hairspray, haha.

    - xoxo

    1. Thank you so much! The scrubs are fantastic! and yes Dove has a whole line of hair care products! I love their hairspray it has a nice scent and it works really nicely!