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About Me

Well I've never been all that great at introductions and bios and such so here goes nothing. Hi my name is Bianca, and this is my humble, happy little blog. I am 19 years old, from California and a college student studying business for my associates in applied science.Although my major may not reflect it, my dream is to one day be able to be a full time blogger or a writer, and have that be my one and only job, until then I'm still figuring things out. I created The Impossibly Cute in January 2013 after being introduced to some very talented bloggers and being instantly inspired. I figured that it seemed like something that I would enjoy doing, so I went for it. I believe that my love of writing, fashion( among other things) and inspiring people anyway I can, is what makes it so fun. My obsessions include pastels, anything pumpkin spice flavored, vintage clothing, peter pan collars, classic horror films, The Big Bang Theory (the show),the ocean, Fall & Winter, Christmas lights, Hellogoodbye and pizza.When I'm not blogging or working on my endless amount of schoolwork I love watching movies, listening to music, swooning over adorable things I can't afford online, reading and drinking peppermint tea. So I'm basically a lazy hermit. I feel most at home when I'm at the beach. I love cold, cloudy, overcast and rainy days like nobody else. I'm a huge animal lover and I've been a vegetarian for seven years now. I have one dog named Zooey, she's a two year old Shih Tzu/ Schnauzer mix who is always getting herself into all kinds of crazy shenanigans.

Everyday I'm working hard to make my blog better than it was the day before. I'm new to this and don't always know exactly what I'm doing, but I know I'll eventually get there. I hope you'll hang in there with me along the way.

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