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Monday, November 10, 2014

November Wishlist

November Wishlist

Hi guys, how's everyone's Monday going? I hope it's going well! So it's that time  of the month again (that doesn't sound right?)...wishlist time!!! Now I haven't done one since July I believe, so I may be a little rusty. I'm hoping now that I'm not planning on going on any hiatus' any time soon that I will be able to keep up on my wishlist posts as well as all my posts in general because I really love making these. 


This month's wishlist is a nice mix of clothing and beauty with a few random bits here and there. I'm loving Forever 21's holiday line right now. Everything is so glitzy and sparkly!/ I'm also really excited because I basically discovered a cheaper dupe for Limecrime lipsticks, and that is Dragonberry! It's an Australian company so fellow Americans you may not be quite familiar with the brand, but lucky for me I follow lots of Australian beauty gurus on Instagram, so I stay in the know, ya know? Anyways they have an amazing range of colors from the crazy to the more ordinary and they all retail for just over $9./ I've heard so much hype about the Snow Fairy body wash from Lush and I would love tor try it this year. /Speaking of scents, I've recieved a couple of those tiny samples of Jo Malone's new fragrance "Wood, Sage, & Seasalt" in my magazines and oh my I just can't get enough. Instead of just sitting there and rubbing the sample on my wrist like a normal person I'm literally rubbing my face in the magazine, it's so amazing lol. / If you're a girl on a budget like me you'll be happy to know that Maybelline's come out with a neutral eye shadow palette similar to Urban Decay's Naked, Naked 2, and... can anyone take a guess?If you said Naked 3 you are correct! / Lena Dunham wrote another book, enough said. /I don't know if I've ever told you guys but I am obsessed with Disney. If it was possible I'd probably have my room decked out in all things Disney, wear only Disney related clothing, and buy only Disney products. Did I mention that I'm 21? So of course I had to add the Disney postcard set I found on Modcloth. It features stillframes and rough sketches of movies from Disney's Golden age, around 1930's to 1960's which is probably the timeframe most of my favorite Disney movies were made anyways! / Lastly I just had to add Mac's new Viva Glam collection featuring Miley Cyrus.Even though this collection isn't coming out till early next year I had to add it now because I think the colors are so pretty and c'mon, it's MILEY. I'm sure most of you already this know this, but in case you don't let me fill you in, all of the proceeds from every Viva Glam lipstick sale goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. That's great because if you're like me and have a very hard time justifying buying something like a MAC lipstick for example, now you can feel good knowing you're not just buying a super pretty lipstick, you're also helping a worthy cause!

What did you think of my wishlist? What's on your November wishlist?
Leave me a comment, I love reading them! As always thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. we love the shorts in the first picture, and the gold dress! we can see why you have put them on your wishlist

    M + K